Here are a few photos of the Janmastami exhibit at the Manor

The massive Janmastami festival at the Manor takes place in a large grassy field which becomes transformed into a fairground surrounded by tents for this occasion.

We arrived early to assist in setting up the tent dedicated to Gopinatha's dioramas

Every year many volunteers help with the festival setup

Our tent was lined with black cloth which created a non - distracting atmosphere. Much time was taken setting up the hundreds of minute figures in all the displays.

Then we were ready for the crowds

Then a long queue of visitors began continuously passing through the tent in a steady flow.  At times distinguished guests would be given a guided tour and an explanation of the diorama's story.


Often I noticed children climbing on chairs to get a longer, closer look. It was as if they were able to enter into the diorama's pastime through their eyes and imagination.


Many people wrote appreciations in the "comments" book.





Having nothing else to keep me occupied, I sat and watched as the

people file through. It was very satisfying to see the expressions on their faces.


Unlike the satisfaction of a creative artist, the pleasure I experienced was the result of knowing that Gopinatha Himself was present in the artwork. These are His pastimes and He Himself is their creative force, not me. I was so happy to be able to watch what He was arranging.

Some devotees stopped to talk and share their experiences.

Often I was asked how long this work had taken to complete.


Or whether the dioramas were for sale

One man offered to pay whatever I wanted. Clearly he was wealthy. He was interested in buying the large Govardhana Lila. Without any hesitation I explained to him that no amount of money would make it possible for me to ever reproduce that pastime diorama again. Since we ourselves were starting a gallery I had to decline his offer.

This visit to the Manor and the success of the exhibition was encouraging

Seeing so many people appreciating the artwork and Gopinatha's Pastimes made our hectic four month marathon worthwhile.