GOPINATHA'S GALLERY 2004 - continued


Part Three- The lifting of Govardhana Hill


This is the most well known pastime story of Krishna in Vrindavana, and these were the most elaborate dioramas I had ever made.

The main diorama was very large - W 140cm[4ft] xH 80 cms[2½ft] - Now this may not sound so enormous, but remember the scale of miniature work- 1:72 -it was a huge task to fill that volume of space, what to speak of all the work involved in making all the small figures required.


Three dioramas tell this story




Krishna sees Nanda Maharaja, his father, preparing to worship Indra, and he requests him instead to hold a festival in honour of Govardhana Hill. Nanda agrees, and a wonderful festival takes place.




This festival was happily observed

by everyone.





Having stopped his worship, Indra was highly offended and decided to show his power by retaliating with force.

Indra sent a devastating storm to destroy Vrindavana. To protect everyone Krishna effortlessly lifts Govardhana hill just like a huge umbrella .


Under the hill all the people and cows remains for one week. They are so happy to be with Krishna that they don't even notice Indra's fierce storm.







When Indra saw how powerful Krishna was, he came to his senses and realized his mistake. Ashamed and frightened, he brought the heavenly cow Surabhi to approach Krishna on his behalf and ask forgiveness.

Krishna and His friends like to play on Govardhana hill...



They slide on the rocks                           And hide in the caves
They swim in the pools                              while the cows graze


in a solitary place
INDRA and Surabhi find Krishna alone and beg His forgiveness.
Krishna warns INDRA to be careful of false pride and then he forgives him.

These were the dioramas we took with us to England. Many people who attended the exhibition expressed appreciation for the hard work involved, as well as the colourful depiction of these pastimes