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Recently two people I know were locked in strong dissagreement. Finally the "straw that broke tha camel's back" appeared and one of them became so angry that he chose to act out his anger.


Later, when faulted for his action he responded by saying that it was Krishna acting through him. Thus he felt no remorse.


Sometimes religious people who firmly believe that God empowered the force of their anger see nothing they do as wrong.

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Walking by the Yamuna River one cold Vrindavana evening we observed a group of pilgrims perfoming evening worship. The Yamuna River is considered sacred, for in her waters Sri Krishna bathed and played. For hundreds of years, this arotik has been performed every evening, while individual pilgrims place small leaf cups with tiny flames as their offerings



sacred fires offered to sacred waters.



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Living in India, or should I say living in Vrindavana, taught me many things.


Brought up in the West, I did not see stark reality displayed so openly before. Gruesome, ugly features of life and death, are quickly covered up, so as to allow us to maintain the sense of having many pleasurable alternatives instead of facing their miseries.

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March 7th 2007

This is an edited section from Sri Caitanya's Teachings -Colloquies with Foreigners -by Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Thakur.

Spoken on the 9th of January 1926:

We believe there is a Personality of Godhead and also that we are persons.We want all our troublesome situations removed and wish to reach a position where we can move freely and have all our needs satisfied.  read more »



It’s so dangerous to walk this way alone at night. Aware of that, I’m taking the risk.

Quickening my pace through the shadowy darkness, my focus is on getting home.

Suddenly I’m conscious of noises around me and stop to listen. Two men then step out of the shadows before me. Quivering in fright, my heart racing, I stare at them. Within moments two more men appear, one on either side.

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Yesterday we had an enlivening visit from Paul Morgan, Senior Designer in the Department of Design and Exhibition in the Museums of Western Australia.





Paul took some time from his busy life pay a visit to see our half complete gallery.He looked at the work we've done with interest and immediatly gave suggestions and contacts for all stages of graphics, lighting and so forth.


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Love means to love Krishna.


Only a Krishna centred life is a truly happy one.

Therefore always keep your attention on Krishna

and see how happy you become.

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