Miniature Art

 Jagattarini's miniature work


Even according to the standards recognised by authorities in the field of miniature art, Jagattarini Dasi’s exhibits are unique. Whereas the standard scale of reduction that most other miniature artists work to is 1:12, Jagattarini has chosen to produce all her work to a scale of 1:72.

This scale of reproduction presents unique challenges at every step of the artistic process. Let alone the challenges involved in achieving fine artistic detail at such an extreme proportion of reduction, even the task of sourcing out suitably proportioned raw materials and resources is a great challenge in itself. And of course there are also unique obstacles to be tackled when publicly presenting such finely detailed miniature work as artistic exhibits.



The majority of the figurines used in Jagattarini’s dioramas are cast out of moulding clay. The original moulds are themselves handmade by Jagattarini, and after the casting process, each figure is individually sculptured to manifest unique characteristics and personal details. Next they are fired, and then each figure is intricately handpainted. Some of Jagattarini’s exhibits feature as many as 200 of these individually handcrafted figures!


The settings for each of her exhibits involve equally intricate processes of construction. Utilising a variety of mediums such as textiles, timber, and sequential lighting systems, each setting is designed to capture the specific atmosphere of the story being depicted. Originating from ancient India’s Vedic tradition, many of these stories are set in the wondrous Vrindaban Forest of Enchantment, wherein the forest groves are described to be full of every variety of fruit and flower and the forest floor is said to be inlaid with effulgent jewels! Needless to say, recreating such enchanting atmospheres at a scale of 1:72 can be quite a challenge!