Gopinatha's Gallery

For the past four years we've been working towards setting up a display-Gallery to offer devotees and guests an introduction to the three dhamas of Mayapura, Jagannatha Puri and Sri Vrindavana dhama.


As the first stage in establishing a permanent exhibition of Gopinatha’s miniature dioramas, we commenced plans to renovate an existing double garage at Sri Gopinatha Dhama. If all goes wellwith this initial display, our long term plan is to build a separate gallery facility suitable for a wider audience.In the section of Gopinatha's Place related to GALLERY you can see our efforts taking shape.


This is somewhat ambitious for us. Our "crew" of devotees is as small as Gopinathaji Himself!!


However, as a small sparrow who pecked away at the ocean to retrieve her eggs drew the attention of Garuda, we are "pecking away" with faith in Gopinatha's special kinds of reciprocation.



We came to Gopinatha Dham with the desire to set up a small gallery of works created before 2002, all depictions of Krishna's [Gopinath's] different Vrindavana pastimes.


Gopinatha's dioramas [seen here and below] as displayed previously within a specially designed and renovated caravan that became our first small gallery.We wanted a more permanent place to keep them.


Many more displays were also waiting...



We wanted to set up the gallery in the double garage quickly. Work began during 2003. Yet even before the gallery began, two new displays were made during our first year at Gopinatha dham.They are both seen below..




JAVAT - an artful trick. Krishna,in disguise, goes to meet Radharani.This a well loved pastime of Vrindavana. We made this our offering for Radhastami 2002.



This year the PERTH MINIATURE SOCIETY held a competiton. They wanted to see a scene made inside a soft drink bottle ! ! Well.....

Both the shape and size of the bottle were very unappealing. We struggled to work this one out, but finally decided to create a piece glorifying the sound of Krishna's flute.



Although this was a real challenge, somehow we did it and won!



This meant two more items ready to be displayed in the gallery .



Meanwhile work was underway to transform

the double garage into Gopinatha's gallery.