Miniature Art - Future Directions

Since 1998, Jagattarini Dasi has been focusing her artistic energy on expanding her unique collection of miniature dioramas.

Seeking an effective presentation forum for these exhibits, in early 2001 Jagattarini commenced a renovation project on a 16 foot caravan. Fully equipped with lighting and a sound system, the caravan was transformed into a mobile diorama gallery.

Recognising the need for a more permanent display venue, in May 2002 Jagattarini moved to a rural property in the beautiful Swan Valley region of Western Australia. The property has been named Sri Gopinatha Dhama, and it is here that Jagattarini is presently working on her latest project, the Gopinatha Dhama Miniature Diorama Exhibit.

Aside from presenting many of the works previously displayed in Jagattarini’s mobile diorama gallery, the exhibit will also feature a separate display area dedicated to other holy places in India.

Aside from experiencing the land of Vrindaban, visitors to the exhibit will also take in the region known as Mayapur in West Bengal, and the famous township of Jagannath Puri, located on the Eastern seaboard of the State of Orissa.

Utilising photographic portrayals and three-dimensional displays, Jagattarini will depict the unique moods and atmospheres of each holy place.