Miniature Art - History

Jagattarini Dasi (Janne Weinstein) originally hails from Melbourne. Upon leaving school, she chose to pursue a career in acting. After some initial success in theatre, television and film in Australia, she headed overseas to pursue further challenges in Hollywood.

However, It was during this period that Jagattarini began looking for a deeper experience in life than the glamour show business could offer, and her strong spiritual yearnings lead her to a meeting with the founder of the international Hare Krishna Movement, Srila A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. Then, through her connections with the Movement, Jagattarini met her husband, Bhurijana, and together they pioneered a Krishna centre in Hong Kong.

Jagattarini’s life as a Hare Krishna devotee has always been characterised by her desire to harmonise her spirituality with her natural artistic talents. Utilising her background of experience in theatre, Jagattarini took to puppeteering and produced a series of performances based on the spiritual culture of ancient Vedic India. Utilising a variety of mediums, Jagattarini handcrafted puppets and performed live on stage as well as producing two series of puppet shows for television with ITV in America .

In 1983 Jagattarini and her husband moved to Northern India, and they spent the next 13 years teaching in an international school established by the Hare Krishna Movement in the holy city of Vrindaban.

Since 1996 Jagattarini, Bhurijana and family have been based here in Perth, where Bhurijana lectures at the local Hare Krishna centre in Bayswater. Jagattarini continues to draw her artistic inspiration from Vrindaban, the spiritual place very dear to her heart, and since 1998 she has been working with a variety of mediums producing miniature three-dimensional diorama exhibits depicting ancient stories from that place.

In May 2002, Jagattarini moved to a 5 acre rural property on the outskirts of Perth where she intends to establish a permanent display of her work.