Getting started:

During 2002 devotee friends came to stay for some months to help.




The team...After a hard days work.





Saci cooks, paints the shack, and leads sweet kirtan.Saci, Surya and Locan their son are from Christchurch NZ.


Surya helped in many ways, from cleaning up the property, building and making needed renovations.He worked hard to make the shack.



Morning chanting in temple

These devotees gave valued assistance.

Sevakunja and Ekendra

Ekendra and his wife Seva remained for months at Gopinatha dham.He made our website. He also constructed the verandar of the shack.




Pharyn and Rachel









Palika likes to help with

cleaning and art work.

Both Pharyn and Rachel,

her old school friend,

helped in so many ways. 






Nakula helped us move onto the property and along with Surya, gave valued assistance in renovating and clearing unnecessary structures from the grounds.





Nakula places goldfish in front pond





Nana kindly came to visit and share some time with us.Her gentle presence was welcomed by all.She is 85.
















Locan likes to play



His Holiness Prabhavishnu Swami

His Holiness Kavicandra swami

His Holiness Devamrita swami

His Holiness Bhanu swami

We were fortunate to have their association here at Gopinatha dham


Tirtharaja and Taraka

Our first house guests, they are our old friends from Brisbane who are always welcome.