2005 - Occasions to celebrate


Spiritual celebrations

Every day is actually a festival in the spiritual world, for there there is no dullness.There is no boredom,and no satiation of spiritual energy as there is within matter.

Here we eat one slice of cake and it is so tasty we eat more. But were we asked to eat only cake, all day, forever, we wouldnt find that exciting.The reason is because our enjoyment would naturally decrease. Everyone is interested in pleasure, but different people enjoy different pleasures.

Here, at Gopinatha dham, we are trying to gain a taste for giving happiness to Gopinatha. I know it sounds simplistic but that is what we would like to be able to do.

So we place a lot of emphasis on the various Appearance Days and other special festive occasions . It is an important part of life at Gopinatha dham.

At the same time we also always attend the temple's programmes on these coccasions. So we celebrate twice!! That keeps us pretty busy.

Here are some of our festival offerings for Gopinatha