While Suci Rani lay dying in Vrindavana everyone from Gopinatha dham except Sri Radha Raman was there on hand to help.

Now we're returning to Gopinatha dham: first Palika then Jagattarini and later Bhurijana Prabhu.

Sri Radha Raman held a memorial program at the temple and we also held a similar function here at Gopinatha dham. Then we began to notice the empty feelings. As much as we  tried to chase them away, they kept  returning in the form of uncertainty regarding the future of Gopinatha dham. Without Sucirani it was hard to imagine how we could continue.

Then an invitation arrived, asking us to bring Gopinatha's art world  for Janmastami at the Manor Along with this request from England, Gopinatha  sent devotees to help.

Friends came foreward 

 Rachel is from Perth and served Gopinatha before traveling overseas. She came to vrindavana to assist Suci and then returned briefly to Perth. She  worked on painting Gopinatha's gallery.


 Then Yamuna Acharya visited from Christchurch and also gave valuable input in the gallery ,with designs and construction.


 Meanwhile Palika was trying to fill Suci's place in the kitchen


  And our regular and very loyal servant of Gopinatha, Linda continued assisting us.


And then others came.


Stephanie and Krishna dasa both found time off from studies to vist and tangibly assist with the demanding artwork, along with Jagattarini and Sri Radha Ramana.


 Everyone involved was working day and night.


 There was an incredible amount to do, and working hard kept us from worrying or feeling lonely