Mayapura and Jagannatha Puri 2006

2006 - Completing last year's work


Painting continues in the big room



The flooring is down and two large skylights have been fitted.

The room is now ready to display installations from Mayapura and Jagannatha Puri.

Once again we are perplexed.

What to do next? How to begin this next phase of construction? We decide to complete the rest of the renovation work and wait for some sign.




Three other rooms - renovation complete.



We improve shack facilities for Bhurijana Prabhu

We take the time to convert the small shed next to the shack into a simple office. Another smaller shed is repaired and repositioned nearby for use as a storage facility. Then a secondhand carport, painted by Palika is set up beside the shack, and Linda plants a nice garden.



The gallery again becomes our focus

One day we receive a phone call from someone visiting the Hare Krishna restaurant. He had noticed a small sign Sri Radha Raman had posted, inviting anyone interested to help with some calligraphy.

Although he didnt know any calligraphy, Rob was curious.

When he visited Gopinatha dham he saw and heard what we were trying to do. For years I had envisioned this work, but without facility or ability to execute the ideas .

Rob noticed that we were serious, but totally incapable of proceeding. He showed interest in our project. Gopinatha had sent him: we decided to beg his help.

Together we begin designing and creating a strategy for the Puri installation.

Getting started

First we cut 3.5 sqr mtrs out of the newly laid flooring

and using 80kg blocks , with Linda, Jason and Rob's full strength we laid a platform.


creating the platform



Jagannath Puri canopy goes up




black cloth "tent"

Replacing the long mirrors from the previous wall panels and adding bamboo, a partition is made. This forms the second side of a black tent-like enclosure.



Mayapura thatch hut

Alongside this Puri section we will have a section dedicated to Sri Mayapura Dham, with items and images from Mayapura on display.The main highlight there will be a small section of a thatched hut.

Last year when visiting Mayapura, we had bamboo thatched panels made and shipped to Perth. Mayapura huts are built using a bamboo frame, but our small room space requires a metal one.

Mark welds the frame

Rob prepares the area

The third and forth side panels of the Puri enclosure go up,  creating the entry and exit.

Rob decides to make an archway into Puri, which is now underway.

Then the Mayapura hut will appear