Progressive, Filling, and Good news

Welcome to Gopinatha's Gallery 2005

Oh dear, the entrance way. Again, another delay

   It soon became clear that the ideal place would be behind this curved wall covered with Ivy.

However this wall conceals the  pool pump and other features of the large swimming pool that occupies most of the inner courtyard behind the house.To break this wall would mean the pool has to go.


After much consideration we decide to go ahead.


first the door goes in

Now we face two new challenges.

How to enhance the outside area?     What to do next with the pool ? 




We decide to create a walkway, with kind help and assistance of friends.


That is the progressive part- Gopinatha has provided a nice walkway.

Filling in the pool 

First task - break the cement


 Linda, Sri Radha Ramana and Jason break both pool and spa


Now,who will fill the pool and how?



                it's going to be a very  looong  process

One year later....  

 The pool is almost full. We are waiting to see what to do with this courtyard after we complete our gallery.That will be the story of another time.


Now last and not least, here is the:


While visiting Sri Mayapura Dham in November 2005, I wondered what we should collect from this transcendental place to fill the Mayapura section of Gopinatha's Gallery.

Inspiration created a desire to bring the PancaTattva to Perth.

Jananivasa Prabhu agreed to oversee the making of a diorama-like relief of the Panca Tattva

We will pick Them up at the end of 2006 and bring Then to Gopinatha dham


Lets see what happens next...