Gallery expansion - 2005



Quite suddenly the idea of renovating the large entertainment room next to the gallery takes our attention. Our desire was eventually to use this room, however we have neither plan nor finances to do so right now.


     But Gopinatha seems to have His own surprise plans.


 The fine wooden bar, the surrounding wall of mirrors, the carpet and the wall paper all have to go

NOW !!!!


It soon became clear. This year would be spent on renovations ! !








Taking apart one room offered numerous challenges


but suddenly we found ourselves renovating not one, but three adjoining rooms.

At first, it appeared we had drifted from our intention to complete the gallery. In fact we had unexpectedly doubled the size of our project. Since the house was designed for open plan living, we now faced challenges in creating  autonomy. First we walled up the  open section between the living space and the new  gallery renovation area.


Next question:

Where to create a new entrance ?

After much consideration this became the next chapter of the "renovation saga."


Entrance to the gallery