Gopinatha's gallery 2003

Vrindavana settings

This year began with anxiety over to Sucirani's health, Art work seemed out of the question.

However I did make a set of altar settings. [small scenes to place on the top level of the altar with a place for Gopinatha] These settings are used in the templeroom on a regular basis. Here is Gopinatha's altar. As you see there are four levels. The top level, represents Vrindavana. It is changed every week.



Here are some of the new altar settings







Later four of the most intricate settings became dioramas.



September 2003- Brazil


Sucirani and I flew together to Brazil to see if a cure was available. Finding no success we then travelled to Vrindavana.

While in Brazil I worked on a series of pastime displays set within a decorated water bottle. These small works were improvisations using whatever little time and meagre resources were available. They then became a part of my presentation for the Govardhana retreat 2003.




There were six small scenes designed to go inside the bottle one by one.

Ironically these simple pieces became forerunners for a large, more elaborate set of displays which were specially designed to travel to England for a Janmastami exhibition the following year.


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