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November 11, 2006

Hare krishna to all our readers...
We spent our last days in Mumbai with Jay Gurupada, our son, who lives in Andheri nearby to the Juhu Beach temple. I've taken some photos that I wanted to post, however, since arriving in Vrindavana a few days ago I have not been able to find a computer that can take the images or edit the blog.

This morning sixty devotees from around the world will set off for a japa
retreat in Varsana and then we'll go to Govardhana to meet another forty
devotees for a second retreat there.

I am packed and waiting for our bus to arrive.

Sad to say I cannot write or post images until I return in two weeks.
Happy to say our Palika is staying in Mayapura so she can share with us some
of her experiences there.
Til I am next able to go online....
Radhe Radhe!!!
 [from Sri Vrindavana dham.]



November 8, 2006


The Bhakti Shastri course, which I will be studying for the next three months, started last week with an introduction class. The course is vey intensive. We have two one-and-a-half-hour lectures five days a week. Another three hours of personal study each day is also required.





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 October 10th 2006


After a long journey it was a relief to finally reach my destination, Sri Mayapur Dhama. I have spent the last couple of days setting up the apartment and adjusting to the morning program. The first temple program starts at 4:15AM, followed by a couple of hours of private mantra meditation. The second program starts at 7AM and finishes at 9AM. After meditating I have been spending some time at the Goshala (cow barn). The cows are milked at 6:30AM. At this time the calves are also fed. This is very calming to watch.



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Mumbai October 29th 2006


Well I wrote an entry yesterday to share this special occasion with our readers, but unfortunately somehow it didn't make it into the blog. I don't know what happened.


I very much appreciated being here in Mumbai for this special occasion. I heard news from Vrindavana - 6500 plates of prasadam were served on this special occasion. This indicated the largest number of devotees and guests participating in the festival there in Vrindavana for the last four years!!



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A few last images from Udupi







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Govardhana Puja at Gopinatha dham



A simple festival was held at Gopinatha dham to celebrate the lifting of Govardhana hill. During a sweet kirtan and the circumambulation of Giriraja, preparations of fruits, nuts, halava, cookies and other sweets were offered. This was followed by arati, class and a bhajan. The mood was very sweet and Giriraja seemed happy with our humble attempts to please Him.


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After having thanked Tanmoy Goswami who kindly invited us here, and shared both his hospitality and Ayurvedic treatments, we are ready to depart.


Ananda Gauranga Prabhu met us at the train station with prasadam for the 20 hour trip.



The train came and we rushed to board. No crowds or coolies here.


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