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Our Journey to Vrndavana (Dec 4-9)



During the one week study break from our MIHE courses,I decided, along with another student, to visit Vrindavan.

Arriving more than 12 hours later than expected, we were both exhausted, but relieved to have finally made it. However I didn't truly appreciate being back in Vrindavana once more until I heard Aindra's kirtan that evening.






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January 5th 2007

When, three years ago [in Vrindavana] Sucirani left this world, we at Gopinatha dham, were stricken with sadness and doubts about our future.

Suci was an essential part of our project here [as well as our lives] in so many ways.

At first it was quite a struggle to maintain our faith that Gopinatha had taken care of her and He would also take care of us!!

Yesterday was the day for us to remember her.






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1. Sri Radha Madan Mohan Temple


When my daughter Lalita Manjari came to Vrindavana last December, she was very anxious. Like most people, she works a full time job. Living and working in Melbourne as an accountant, she insisted upon four weeks holiday leave and her boss reluctantly agreed.

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December 31st



I have something to share with you before the year ends.


Here at Gopinatha dham our year has been a time for hard work and anticipation. We have been trying to complete our gallery/museum of the three holy dhamas. Still the work continues.



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December29th 2006


Hare Krishna


I am back, after three months in India.The balmy Perth summer is refreshing after winter cold in Vrindavana.


Last night I left Delhi without the usual winter fogs that disrupts air travel at this time of year. After two five hour flights I was suddenly back here at peaceful Gopinatha Dham. It felt remarkably similar to waking up after a dream.


Tomorrow I will write more. I would like to share some of the highlights from the visit.

Til then, for me here it is goodnight...I'm hoping my dreams will be equally exciting tonight...


See you tomorrow,


December 13, 2006

The past month has included a lot of study and a little adventure. At the beginning of the month Jagattarini Mataji and Hayley visited Mayapur from Vrindavan. Although the visit was short, it was very sweet.

Trip 024

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November 15, 2006



After recovering from a bout of sickness I decided to go for a wander outside the temple complex to check out everyday life in Mayapur. It is about 4pm and the midday hustle and bustle has settled for the day. This is what I found.



Palika 022


These school children are waiting for the bus


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