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The Big Brute !!!!

Look at this brute, sitting above everyone else, being offered flowers and garlands, and accepting so many exaggerated words of praise. How has he become so arrogant ?  read more »



February 3rd 2007

Hare Krishna

Wow time really flies. It's already February. So much to do in so little time.


Well, we're moving slowly along with our gallery at Gopinatha dham. Today is very uncomfortable weather. Perth is experiencing a summer that is mix of unseasonal rains, extremely hot days and humidity inbetween. Today's humidity reminds me of Mumbai. My thoughts drift back to our visit last November.


I would like to share something I discovered in Mumbai - an extraordinary hospital.


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What's a miniature festival?




It's obvious. Something very small and happy!!!!


Yes, it's true. A miniature festival is as simple as that!


But won't something so small also be boring? Please consider the mighty advancment of our technological age!!!

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January 21st.





This poster of Krishna in Vrindavana is known as Murli Manohara. It is a classical "favorite" of many devotees including my husband, who chose this image for the cover of his recently published book Unveiling His Lotus Feet.





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January20th, 2007


Patita Pavana Jagannatha in Puri



There is time to waste when one does not have an ideal:what to speak of a spiritual objective in life!!! So many people use money and time only in pursuit of worldly pleasure. For a transcendentalist this is not different than suicide.

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January 17th 2007



Travels in India during Decemebr 2006




"Look, the train's arrived! Quickly pass the bags!!!"



Having waited hours on the Mathura station in the wintery evening air, we're eager to get on the train now slowing coming to a halt. Once on board we can find our seats and settle for the night.  read more »



January 8th 2007

Today I received in my webmail a card which promised me the gift of good luck. It was a "chain mail".The message attached to the image insisted that I send the card to seven fortunate persons in order to become lucky myself.

so here is the card...






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