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Look at this dictionary!




 Webster's Third New International Dictionary

It's bigger (and heavier) than two telephone books! I think it's the largest dictionary I've ever seen, and it's unabridged.

unabridged - "being the most complete of it's class"  read more »



When I was told to use my head I thought I was being asked to apply my intelligence.

However, living in Vrindavan, I learnt otherwise:

Srila Prabhupada used to say: "simple living promotes good health"

Here in Vrindavan it also promotes spiritual fortune, for contact with the sacred dust of Vrindavana purifies every one .  read more »



Perth - February 23rd





"In the scriptures it is said that one person can never know the unhappiness in the mind of another. Therefore what can I say of my dear friends , Lalita and the others? Nor can they understand the unhappiness within Me. They simply try to console ME repeatedly saying, "Dear friend, be patient"."

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As I write, parrots squawk loudly and animatedly in the gum trees outside.They're very vocal right now because the gums are flowering. Their happiness increases as a result...





The computer is slow,annoying. I pick up Bhagavad Gita to fill a moment. Underlines on the page catch my attention and direct my gaze to a particular paragraph:-

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Footsteps in sand


My last entry was quite a serious one.The subject matter was important and grave. To create some variety, here is some text and pictures from my son JayaGurupad in Mumbai





He shares with us the sweet simplicity of his experience:

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I found some really cute pictures of baby deers.They are so delicate and tender.





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2. Sri Radha Govinda Mandir

Vrindavan is now very popular

Outside the Krishna Balarama Temple [where I stay on visits] tooting cars jam the roadways as crowds of pilgrims pour into the temple.

Thirty three years have passed since my first visit, and with them so much has changed. Our Krishna Balarama temple was then a lonely construction site in the far outskirts of town, whereas now it is surrounded by noise, people, houses, shops, guest houses and temples.  read more »

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