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3. Sri Radha Damodar Temple



We are now entering another important place in Vrindavana.


Many great transcendental personalities have resided in this temple. Although the samadhis of both Srila Rupa Goswami and Sri Jiva Goswami are here, we like to first take darsan of Srila Prabupada's bhajan kutir.

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Srila Prabhupada paid his last visit to Melbourne, where I was living, in April 1976.


We all knew he was already experiencing ill health. His secretary had sent news that he required use of an elevator rather than flights of stairs when travelling to his various centres. Knowing the steep staircase up to his rooms in the Melbourne temple, I wondered if he would actually come.

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Once,while working as a hospital PCA, one devotee friend had a humorous encounter.

Sitting with an elderly patient who was a cattle farmer, he began a conversation by telling him how he knew a man in India who owned 900,000 cows. The farmer took interest and asked for this person’s name.

Mr Madhav” was the reply.

The elderly gentleman took this information very seriously, asking his son if he had heard of Mr Madhav, or read about him in any farm journals. Then together they began to discuss how many acres of land he would need to run so much livestock. He had his son bring a calculator for more accurate calculations.  read more »

27th March Perth,


We all have our struggles at some time or another. Like the tree our roots go deep in material existence - our bodies, minds, abilities, interests and qualifications - they all contribute to help keep us going, and make life work for us.





Last week Sri Radha Raman went into hospital to undergo major surgery, consequently we spent quite a bit of time in the hospital atmosphere. There, everyone is eager to get better as quickly as possible and get out.  read more »


Rose coloured glasses


Vrindavana 2001


These rose-colored improvised sunglasses caught my attention. This little girl in her shabby white skirt with folded green plastic bags in her hands, was one of many hundreds of village folk attending a grand two-day mela at Mana Sarovar....



Some years ago I was asked to visit different places in Vrindavana and take photos for a slide presentation.Mana Sarovar was on the list.

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A very private bird 


Yesterday I was called to come see something that had captured everyone's attention .

At the end of our property, I was directed towards to a rather unusual bird sitting very silently on the branch of a gum tree..

"That's a Tawney Frog Mouth!!"exclaimed Sri Radha Raman..




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      Srila Prabhupada speaking in 1966.

His audience are middle class Americans hardly acquainted with Bhagavad-Gita, still he shares one important point after another with them.

"After many, many births, when a person, when a soul, is perfectly elevated to the platform of real knowledge, transcendental knowledge, then what does he do?"  read more »

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