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"You cannot think, you have to learn."


While staying in Allahabad in January 1971, Srila Prabhupada many people and preached as much as possible. One conversation took place on the 17th , wherein he met as one of his guests a Mr Bateriya from Karachi.


Prabhupada began speaking with him by saying

"Mr Bateriya, this process, this transcendental knowledge, super human knowledge, you cannot think first of all. You cannot think. You have to learn."

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It's been nearly three weeks since my last post. My husband and I were in Melbourne for two of them, and now, once more, I'm back behind the computer wondering what to write.  read more »

The Temple by the Ocean



Today I wish I was in Puri.... instead of Perth!

There is no comparison for spiritual interest and excitement.

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April 19th 2007


Gopinatha dhama report



Walking in the nextdoor park

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So much difficulty!!


Yesterday I spent over ten hours waiting in the Emergency Ward,and now I'm trying to write a quick entry before returning to the hospital.

Three weeks ago Sri Radha Raman [who is managing Gopinatha dham] had a major operation. Since coming out of hospital, we've tried to take care of him, however his condition has become steadily worse.



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Vrindavana Memories


Here's an old picture I found recently of a lady I much admired for her simple lifestyle and pleasant serving disposition. Notice she looks rather glum in this shot.That's because everyone in India puts on their most somber face when their photo is being taken. Actually she was a happy, friendly person.




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The attainment of true happiness tells us where to place our focus...


Here is a nice verse and commentary spoken by Narada Muni to Gopa Kumar in Vaikuntha. He is describing the "quality of life" that will become available to us when we actually attain real devotion...




Here we see Gopa Kumar when he finally meets Krishna

personally for the first time.

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