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Another of Narada's pastimes


3. Curses, cursed and cursing

No-one likes to be the recipient of someone’s anger, yet sometimes it happens.




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Narada Muni stories


Last month, when my husband and I went to Melbourne. It was our annual visit for the congregational retreat held at the end of April at New Nandagram, just before cold autumn weather sets in.




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Update from Gopinatha Dham

Hare Krishna

Well we’re nearly half way through this year, and so far we're survived: although sometimes it's been quite a struggle!



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Perth June 2007

Recently a friend directed me to some images of Srila Prabhupada they’d found on a website. Some photographs included a young woman they thought to be me. I looked them up, and sure enough, there I was.



For a long time I stared at the screen, first at this happy young girl, and then at Srila Prabhupada.I downloaded, and once more found myself staring at these pictures, trying to recall the moments when they were taken.  read more »



Hare Krsna.





The land of Vrindaban still remains famous for its cows and

calves, for Vraja, to this day, is agriculturally based.

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Vidura returns





Vidura was disgusted when criticized by his nephew, and immediately left the royal palace for good.

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I was given this recent correspondence with a suggestion that I post it here.

 But first I want to introduce Deena Bandu:



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